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Alcohol Service

Alcohol Service at the Fair Complex

If you plan to have alcohol service at your event at the Fair Complex, even if it's not being sold to the attendees, it must be served by a licensed and insured caterer or restaurant that carries a minimum of $1,000,000.00 worth of liquor liability insurance. We do not have an exclusivity with any catering company at the facility, so you are free to hire the caterer or restaurant of your choice, informing us of who you have hired and providing us with the contact information so we can verify the scheduling with the caterer or restaurant.

For private functions and any public function where alcohol is served, security will also be required. The number of security personnel needed is based on how many guests will be attending. As the event producer, you are responsible for covering the security costs and that expense will be discussed in detail when you begin the process of securing a User Agreement. StarPlex Corporation is the company that currently is providing all security services for the Fair Complex. Current security costs are $22.75 per hour, per guard as of July 1, 2019.

For events where alcohol is being sold to the public, the alcohol service is entirely handled by Oregon Beverage Services which is the alcohol service contractor for all alcohol sales on the property. The details on arranging for this service will be worked out when you being the process of securing a Use Agreement.

If alcohol service is not indicated as a part of your event when you are securing your reservation and stated in your Use Agreement, the use of alcohol is prohibited during your event.

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