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Main Exhibit Hall

Details about the building

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The Main Exhibit Hall is a 24,000 square foot building with posts, made up of the 16,000 square foot North end, and the 8,000 square foot South end, which are separated by a roll-up door and a double-wide hinged door. For consumer trade shows wishing to use all 24,000 square feet, those doors are opened, allowing for easy access through the whole building.

Building Specifics:
Entire Building: 24,000 square feet.
North Section: 16,000 square feet total, with North Room at 80’ x 100’ and Middle Room 100’ x 80'.
South End: 8,000 square feet, 80’ x 100’
Occupancy: 1000 for the North Section, 500 for the South Section.
Ceiling Height: 12 feet
Restroom facilities
Handicapped Accessible
WiFi included
There are no kitchen
facilities in this building and no air-conditioning, but it does have heating.
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Main Exhibit Hall Overall Building Measurements and Layouts

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