Facilities: Event/Building Rentals

Contact Lisa DuPre at 503-648-1416 x 206 to inquire about the rental program.

Main Exhibit Hall
Entire building is 24,000 square feet
1,500 person capacity.
The North end is 16,000 square feet.
1,000 person capacity
and the South end is 8,000 square feet.
500 person capacity


Cloverleaf Building
3,200 square feet
200 person capacity

Take the Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Cloverleaf Building.


Friendship Square & Friendship Plaza
Covered picnic area, measuring 3,840 square feet
with 2 acres of adjacent grass.


Covered Show Rings
The Large Ring is 7,200 square feet
The Small Ring is 2,400 square feet

RV Parking
RV parking is available to our vendors and ehibitors on a limited basis. See guidelines for additional information.